5 Best WordPress Hosting Free Providers Guide In Hindi

Dosto Agar aap wordpress pe blog banane ki soch rahe hai to mai ap logo ko batunga wordpress hosting free providers ke bare me  jo apko free hosting  o provide karte hai ye sabhi famous hosting hai

5 Best WordPress Hosting Free Providers

6 Best wordpress blog hosting provider 

1.  x10hosting 

 X10hosting ke bare me jante honge agar ap wordpress hosting ke liye  subse best choice hai  yaha pe bhi apko free hostiong milta hai magar uska bandwidth aur disk space limit hota hai  fre ke liye use karte hai to best hai x10hosting bahut purani company hai

X10hosting me apko free hosting me kya kya service provide milta 

  1. free web hosting 
  2. free cpanel hosting 
  3. free website builder
  4. 1-click software installation
  5. support & upgrade pack
  6. Provider you private cloud hosting
  7. Advance version of MySQL And PHP
  8. Free subdomain

2. AccuWeb hosting

Accuweb hosting bare me bahut log nahi jante hai ye hosting apko achi service provide karte hai is site se life time hosting le sakte hai but ye hostiong  30 gb bandwitch provide kare ta hai iska matalb apko site pe 5000 visitor tak apki site ko chala sakte hai agar apko site pe 5000 se jayda visiter aate hai to ap iske upgrade virsion ko le sakte hai.

Accu web hosting ke kya feature provide karta hai

  1. Blazingly fast website 
  2. custom domain
  3. HIGH label security with multiple dos protaction deta hai
  4. Apko site backup deta hai
  5.  bandwitch 30 gb milta hai 
  6. Storage 2gb SDD hai 
  7. Apko Seo optimized plugine free milta hai

3. 000Webhost

Ye site highest rank hosting site hai isye bhi apko sabhi site ki jaise best se best profamance beta hai Apko is hosting bhi zero cost hai but apko ache feature ke liye ap ise upgarde kara sakte hai Agar ap wordpress blog ke liye ye hosting subse best hai

000webhost  key feature 

  1. Supports PHP and MySQL ka milta hai 
  2. Large DISK and Bandwitch large milta hai 
  3. One click installation milta hai
  4. 99% Uptime gurantee deta hai 
  5. In-bult Easy website build milta hai 
  6. Frindly and responsive Customer Support hai 

4. Freehostia

Freehostia ko bhi best wordpress hosting provider bol sakte hai  isme bhi free wordpress blog bana sakte hai apko agar hosting ko upgarte bhi kar sakte hai  apko sabhi ke jaise bandwith and space large milta hai

free hostia key feature

  1. One clikc easy installation hai 
  2. site management tools include hai
  3. high lebeled security hai 
  4. easy switch premium version hai 
  5. 24/7 customer care suporrt hai 


Award Space ye free wordpress hosting hai onther hosting ke tarha hai ye site simple hai  frindly platforms hai apko bahut acha experience deta hai is hosting ki baat karru  to apko 1GB disk space deta hia iska traffick aatkarta hu to apkoother hosting ke tarha hai apko 99.9%ki garantee deta hai

AwardSpace key feature

  1. Apko subse jayda 1 gb space and 5GB bandwitch deta hai
  2. Apko spam /virus protect online enverment hai
  3. 100% ad free hai
  4. Apko one domain aur 3 sub domain deta hai 
  5. hight optomize performance hai 
  6. limited MySQL database hai
  7. 24/7 customercare support hai 
Dosto apko agar free wordpress site blog banana chahate hai to apke liye best hai ap bahut asani se wordpress blog bana sakte hai 
I hope apko ye post pasand aaya ho ga to mere post ko jarur sahre kare sath me mujhe follow button se socahil pe follow kar sakte hai 


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