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New Wine Town map spotted in Chinese version of Call of Duty: Mobile

It looks like we might have gotten an early look at one of the new additions in the upcoming season of Call of Duty: Mobile. The Chinese version of the game has received a new map, which should make its way to the global version of the game sooner or later.

Call of Duty: Mobile – Wine Town map

The new map is reportedly called Wine House and seems to be set in a winery somewhere in the Mediterranean. The map is quite colourful and is very similar to the Tunisia map when it comes to vibrancy. It also seems to have multiple levels, which should make it fun to strategize a path through to the enemy in an effort to flank them. YouTuber, Samurai Cyber Gaming has posted a video detailing the new map for all. From what we can tell, Wine Town will be unique to Call of Duty: Mobile, similar to the Cage and Reclaim maps. 

It is now yet known if and when we can expect to see the new map in the global version. Chances are that Activision will release the new map with the Season 3 update. The new update should be available sometime in April. 

Activision has already released two new maps for the Season 2 Day of Reckoning update. This includes the Shoot House map and the new version of the Shipment map. The former was released alongside the rollout of the Season 2 update and was first seen in the 2019 reboot of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The new version of Shipment was released a few days ago and offers pretty much the same layout as Shipment 1944, albeit with a few changes. The new version brings the map back into modern times and is set in a dockyard.  

Main image credit: u/Lonewold3130

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