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Top 10 Payment Gateways In The USA For eCommerce Stores

If you’re building an e-commerce store, the payment gateway is a vital factor for success. Not just limited to the choices of the best security or reliability for the payments but the transaction fee, availability, the support, brand authority, and a few more things matter when picking the perfect payment gateway for your eCommerce store.

Here, we’re focusing on the best online payment gateways in the US. For the most part, these payment gateways support payments from all over the world, but the highlights will be based on e-commerce stores in the US.

Before we move on to the list, I’ll try to list some factors that should help you filter the best payment gateway for your use-case.

Before You Choose A Payment Gateway

I’m sure you don’t even need this list of payment gateways to pick one for your eCommerce platform. You can just go ahead with anything that’s widely used and popular.

Well, you can do that – for the most part, if you don’t really care about reviewing what every payment gateway offers. But, if you want to make sure that you get the perfect pick for your eCommerce store, you might want to keep these in mind (not just for the US):

– Low transaction fee does not mean that it’s the best payment gateway, provider

– High transaction fee does not mean that it’s the best payment gateway provider either

– Always prefer a hands-on test or a dry run of using the payment gateway provider before you choose one for your online business.

– Check the compatibility or plugin options for the payment gateway you choose with the platform you used to create the eCommerce store. For instance, WooCommerce on WordPress or any other content management system and eCommerce platforms like Bagisto.

– If you’re hiring a developer to set up a site for you – always verify the payment gateway being used and make sure you don’t overspend in setting it up.

– Check the support response in case of a refund or any payment issues. You can look around online forums or social media networks to find more information.

Top 10 Payment Gateways in the USA for Ecommerce Stores

1. PayPal


Unquestionably, PayPal is not just a big name but also supports a wide range of countries and it’s perfect for the U.S as well.

For e-commerce platform owners, you’d need a business/merchant account to easily receive payments with and there’s plenty of detailed documentation/help resources to set up a payment gateway for your website to enable payments using PayPal.

Not just the ease of setup and the higher probability of conversions, PayPal also offers one of the most robust securities for transactions. So, your customers are going to love the fact that you have a solid payment gateway option.

In addition to the security, PayPal also offers the buyers an easy way to get refunds for any disputes. So, that’s another factor why the customers will prefer using it.

Personally, I avoid entering my card details on different payment gateways. So, I prefer PayPal.

Try PayPal

2. Stripe


Stripe is yet another popular payment gateway that customers instantly recognize as a sign of brand reputation.

Of course, not just limited to that, but it also provides an easy way to set up a payment gateway. It’s also known for its good security practices and the global support for different payment cards.

You will find all the useful documentation needed to get started using it. It’s also worth noting that it lets you tweak the user interface to some extent and also offers some excellent documentation to help you with it.

If you’re not considering PayPal for some reason, Stripe is probably the next best choice you can go for.

Try Stripe

3. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay may not be the most popular choice across the globe — but considering the trend of online shopping since the pandemic hit and also looking at the customer base of Amazon, it’ll be a smart move to offer Amazon Pay to receive payments.

Do keep in mind the customers you’re targeting. If there’s a high probability of your targeted customers also being Amazon users, you may end up with better conversions. All things considered, you should consider adding Amazon Pay as an option if not the primary payment gateway.

Try Amazon Pay

4. Google Pay

Google Pay

Unlike some others, Google Pay may not be a full-fledged solution but you can use the API to set up payments for your store.

You can bet on Google Pay as a convenient payment option because almost every smartphone user knows about it and probably comfortable using it.

Try Google Pay

5. is yet another solid option to go for if you have an eCommerce store in the U.S.

Unlike others, there’s a monthly gateway fee. So, if you really want the features offered that includes wallet payment support, PayPal, Apple Pay, and E-check, you’re in for a treat.

You don’t have to set up separate payment buttons/gateways for PayPal and Apple Pay if you set up So, depending on your requirements, explore more about it.


6. Paddle


Are you looking to also sell software subscriptions or just limit to Digital Products? In that case, Paddle is a fairly new option that’s also being widely used by e-commerce platforms that deal with digital products and software subscriptions.

Not just limited to its tailored features, it also makes it easy for you to migrate from Stripe/Braintree or similar payment gateways quickly.

It is also worth noting that Stripe is just a payment processor but with Paddle you can manage your tax compliance, fraud protection, currencies, metrics, and revenue recovery as well. So, you can definitely give it a try.

Try Paddle

7. Apple Pay

Apple Pay

I did mention that Google Pay has a lot of users. But, considering the market share of iPhones in the U.S, Apple Pay may end up being a better option to offer for the payments on your eCommerce store.

It may not be a convenient option globally but if you target US customers, it should be a good option to have.

Try Apple Pay

8. American Express

American Express

American Express is a decent option to integrate for eCommerce stores in the US. Even though it’s not one of the popular options, it still shows signs of trust for your eCommerce store.

There’s nothing fancy here. It offers all the essential features needed for a payment gateway. If you don’t like the popular options, you can try this out.

Try American Express

9. Square


Square is a pretty impressive option if you want to set up a website easily while having all the necessary tools for your e-commerce platform under one roof.

In case you already have your website, you can also choose to use their online payments solution. They support a wide range of integrations that include WordPress, Wix, Magento, and other platforms.

Try Square

10. 2Checkout


Yet another impressive Payment gateway which is a bit underrated but one of the best out there. You may notice brands like Bitdefender using it for their store purchases.

It offers all the basic features and it is easy to set up as well. Similar to Paddle, it also lets you manage Tax compliance and subscriptions if that’s what you need.

You can sign up for free and get started exploring it.

Try 2Checkout

Wrapping Up

Sure, there can be more payment gateway options with a different set of features and transaction fee. However, I’ve focused on the best-proven options that you can consider without any major issues for your eCommerce platform.

What do you prefer? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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