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Best Ad Plugins for WordPress

Most of the websites make money by advertising products or services of one kind or another. Some use advertising networks such as AdSense while others go for directly marketing them. Both ways, you need to put ads on your site to make it visible to the users and make them click on it. In WordPress, implementing ads is pretty easy using the Ad plugins available in the repository or a third-party vendor website. So, we have been looking for the best Ad plugins out there, reviewing them for a while to list them based on their features, performance, and several other factors. Without further due, here are the best Ad plugins for WordPress.

Advanced Ads Pro is not just a plugin to insert ads. It allows you to do much more. With the help of the add-on’s available, you could target your ads to certain users (based on devices or geolocation), lazyload them for better performance, rotate your ad placements between ad groups, fight against invalid clicks, show ads even if the user has an ad-block installed, and a lot more. Of course, it provides various placements, the ability to control ad visibility, function to choose where your ads appear, and almost everything that you need from an Ad plugin. A well deserved first place on this list. You can get the Pro version of the plugin for €39/year. If you want to give it a try, there is also a free version available with limited features.

AdSanity is yet another WordPress ad management plugin with everything that you need under the hood. From the ad-blocker prevention to advanced ad placements, AdSanity has a lot of useful add-ons you could try. You can also target certain visitors to show the ads and choose which ones to block. A useful feature to prevent click fraud. Rotating ad groups, Google Analytics integration, Custom ad sizes are all some of its features. The plugin costs $49/year for the basic version with the support of basic add-ons. If you wish to get more features you might want to upgrade your license. There isn’t a free version available.

Ad Inserter is one of the top advertising plugins to put ads on your WordPress website. With everything that you need for displaying ads on your site and controlling it, Ad inserter is a pretty good plugin with highly positive reviews in the WordPress plugin repository. Coming with AdSense integration, Google Ad manager support, Code preview, Various ad positions, Adblocker detection, Ad inserter is a great ad plugin for displaying ads.

The ad plugin by WP QUADS has an array of features to easily show ads on your websites. While many in this list are focused on the advanced functions and features that can benefit the experienced webmasters, the WP QUADS plugin is easy to set up, manage, and show ads. All you have to do is putting ads on the fields and choosing where to show them. The latest version of the plugin comes with functions like Lazy loading (which may not work as expected based on our tests.) If you need more features such as AMP support you might have to upgrade it to the pro version.

Another good ad plugin in this list that comes with all the basic features in addition to the advanced functions such as advertising statistics, email notifications, Geo-targeting, etc. The plugin has a lot of premium features of other plugins included inside the free plugin itself which might be useful for those who really need it. However, some drawbacks are there in there of the usability and interface compared to other plugins above. So, you should have a look at the features and use the plugin only if you need them on your WordPress site.

Ads Pro is a premium WordPress ad management plugin. There is no free version available. The plugin comes with a whole bunch of useful features to manage your ads in every way possible. You can basically place ads almost everywhere on your site with the plugin. The plugin also comes with WooCommerce integration which will be useful for the store owners. Not a lot of plugins have dedicated WooCommerce support. It also comes with features such as Adblocker detection, Geo-targeting, Device detection, etc. The plugin costs $57 on the Codecanyon store.

WP-Insert is another ad plugin that has a lot of features including Adsense support, Geo-targeting, Ad rotation, Ad widgets, etc. The plugin also supports the AMP plugin by Automattic which will be useful for the sites running AMP. You won’t have to run an extra plugin to show ads on your AMP pages. You can also control the ad visibility using the plugin to show ads to certain visitors or devices. The well-built plugin won’t slow down your website as many ad plugins do. A good ad management plugin for free.

Adning is a premium ad management plugin for WordPress websites. With a lot of positive reviews on the Codecanyon, the plugin is pretty well-loved by the users. It supports all the popular ad networks including Adsense, Double click ads, Yahoo ads, AOL advertising, etc. You can use any kind of ads on your websites. It also supports Gutenberg, WP Bakery page builder as well as the Elementor. You can control the ad visibility by the Geolocation of the visitors or the devices they use. Adning is pretty cheap with a price of $29.

One of the oldest plugins in this list, but still works fine. If you do not like any of the above plugins for some reason, you can give a try to the Insert Post Ads. The plugin just injects your ad codes into the posts in the chosen locations. No fancy features, no difficult setup. Just a straight forward plugin to simply put your ads on the site. The plugin hasn’t been updated for a while, so you might wanna double-check if you are sure about using it.

Ultimate Ads Manager is the last plugin in this list but not the least. The plugin has everything that you require to show advertisements on your WordPress websites. In addition, it also comes with some tracking features that let you count views and clicks on your ads. The plugin will also send you weekly reports via mail if you want to. You can also use shortcodes if you want to place the ads in some unconventional locations inside your theme.

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