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Best Xender Alternatives For Android And iOS

Best Xender Alternatives For Android And iOS: Xender is a quite popular file-sharing app that worked pretty well.

Unfortunately, it has recently come under some scrutiny of collecting data from its users in India. For that very reason, 59 Chinese apps have been banned by the Indian government.

It’s not just limited to the Indian government, but there have been several cases where Chinese apps or services tend to collect data in an unauthorized manner (not to forget Xiaomi’s fiasco of advertisements).

Hence, it’s important to keep privacy and security in mind before using any application or service. No matter whether an app or service is based in India or China, you have to be cautious about the applications you use on your smartphone.

For that very reason, here, we shall list some of the best Xender alternatives that are potentially better as non-Chinese applications.

Best Xender Alternatives

As I’ve already mentioned, it’s not just about finding non-Chinese application but it’s also worth considering the security and privacy of an app that you use on your smartphone.

All things considered, I’ve listed the best Xender alternatives for your phone that are safe to use!

1. Files By Google

Files by Google

Files by Google comes pre-installed on most of the Android smartphones with Android One or Stock Android.

But, you can easily get it from the Play Store. It offers a clean user experience and lets you share files without needing the Internet as well.

In my opinion, Files By Google is the best file-sharing app as an alternative to Xender. Of course, considering that it’s built by Google, it should be a secure option for every Android user. Yes, you may not find a bunch of options to tweak or choose from, but that’s what it does the best – it keeps things simple and lets you transfer files easily.

Unfortunately, it’s not something available for iOS.

2. Send Anywhere

If you don’t prefer using Google apps or if you’re an iOS user looking for Xender alternatives, this is an impressive option to consider. It supports encryption options, Wi-Fi direct transfer, and QR code functionality as well.

Send Anywhere is also a popular application for both Android and iOS. You can find it listed on the Play Store and the App Store as well.

It also offers premium plans to be able to upload files to the cloud and share a link with your friends or colleague to download what you share. However, it is worth noting that the user experience isn’t the best here — but it is easy to use and get the work done that you’d expect it to do.

3. SuperBeam

SuperBeam is yet another popular option on both Android and iOS. You can easily find it on the Play Store and the App Store as well.

I’ve used it in the past and it worked quite good back then. It’s generally ad-supported, but you can purchase the pro version to get rid of the advertisements. You may not find regular updates to it. So, I’d suggest you try it as an alternative if nothing else works.

4. AirDroid


One of the oldest file transfer applications on the Play Store. It’s not just tailored for file transfer — but it can also help you display your smartphone notifications on your PC.

You can easily transfer files across multiple devices while also getting the benefits of being connected to your PC and never miss a notification. AirDroid is more than an alternative.

It also offers a premium upgrade to unlock certain features. So, I’d recommend you to give it a try.

5. Sweech – Wifi File Transfer

Sweech is yet another interesting file transfer application available only for Android. You can find it listed on the Play Store. It may not be a popular option to consider but it works quite well and offers an easy-to-use user interface.

6. File Transfer (iOS)

File Transfer App

Too much about Android exclusives? Fret not, File Transfer is a popular file transfer application on iOS.

You can get it from the App Store. It’s a dead-simple application with a simple user interface that gives you the ability to share files successfully. It may look like a native application, but it isn’t. You should give it a try!

7. Smart Transfer

Smart Transfer

Yet another underrated file transfer application which is a great Xender alternative for both Android and iOS users.

You can find Smart Transfer available on both the Play Store and the App Store.

The user interface is impressive and it works as expected. Similar to some of the other options listed here, you can get rid of the in-app advertisements by opting for an in-app purchase.

It is available cross-platform and also supports QR code.

8. InShare


If you want more Xender alternatives for Android, you will find plenty of them. But, not all of them really work.

InShare is a decent file transfer application that offers almost all the essential features. It offers a familiar user experience to Shareit or Xender and it is easy to use. You can find it in the Play Store.

Unfortunately, it isn’t available for iOS users.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are aware of several Xender alternatives. Which one do you prefer to install?

Do you have a favourite file transfer app that we’ve missed to list here? Possibly something better than the ones I’ve listed?

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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