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Best LinkedIn Automation tools to skyrocket your Business in 2020 [Free & Paid]

Best LinkedIn Automation tools: LinkedIn is an emerging social media for corporates and job hunters. All the companies are shifting their attention to this platform to build more reputation and authority in general. There are many ways to fulfil your goals, be it lead generation, sales, or advertisements.

You can get all of these done on your own without spending a fortune on hiring any marketing agency. Once you master the LinkedIn automation tools that help you deliver your targets, your business will skyrocket in no time.

Most of these tools are focused on engaging the audience and expanding your network to gain more reach and attention in the form of likes, comments, and shares. Some of the tools are also based on the philosophy of like for like. Here, you like, comment, or share someone’s post on your network, and that person does the same with your post.

Hence, by this, you do get the desired result, but does that achieve your goal? If you rely entirely on this and think that it can fool the LinkedIn’s algorithm into thinking that your post provides more value and will help you reach countless others in different 2nd and 3rd network, then you are dead wrong.

On the other hand, if you use it wisely, it can be quite valuable. Do note that using any cheap and shady blackhat tools might get you booted out of LinkedIn.

Well, giving you some insider secrets, all the agencies often use the Safe LinkedIn automation tools to get things done quickly. Here in this segment, we bring you some of the best tools available in the market that you can start using right away.

Best LinkedIn automation tools and software

There are many tools available on the internet; all of them claim to get the job done. In such a rapidly changing world of online marketing, it is quite hard to trust someone. The same goes for the automation tools roaming around on the internet for LinkedIn. We have tested them for quite a while and picked some of the authentic and working means that we prefer as our go-to automation source. So let’s get started.

1. Sales Navigator by LinkedIn

Sales Navigator by LinkedIn

If you’re looking to sell products or services, then this might be the right place to get started. LinkedIn itself offers this platform, and they help you target and connect the right audience to sell. You can generate leads, plan campaigns, and automate them as per your budget.

It also allows you to send automated inMail messages to people that align with your interests even if you’re not connected to them. It’s advanced automation plus sales tool.

Furthermore, you can automate the lead generation process, do note that there’s always a one-time setup involved for all such tools. Correctly doing this is quintessential. Apart from lead and company search, it also uses advanced algorithms to recommend leads.

You can even track your leads via CRM integration. It also offers sales tracking and insights that help you set a budget and plan accordingly for your next campaigns. There’s also relationship-building tools to connect with your network on a personal level, and as a result, you drive close to the target.

It might be overwhelming for new users given the plethora of things it can achieve, and you may find it a bit complex, but the reason we suggest you go with this is because of the sales academy. You can learn how to use this tool from the sales training provided by LinkedIn. They also offer a free trial that you can opt for to check out how everything works. Sales Navigator by LinkedIn is our best-recommended product from the list of LinkedIn Automation tools.

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2. Lempod


Ever wondered how some of the posts from recruiters and influencers manage to get so many likes and comments, well, it is done via like4like tools. We covered pods in the introduction of this segment. Its a group of people liking, commenting, and sharing each other’s posts and hoping to get noticed in different networks.

If done manually, you all will burn your time and might not even receive the desired outcome. Instead, you can invest in a smart Linkedin automation tool named Lempod. It helps you increase your LinkedIn views in order to get more reach.

It is straightforward and easy to use google chrome plugin. Here you need to join relevant pods, suppose if your business comes under ed-tech niche, then you must look for a group of recruiters recommending your course to the job hunters; this way, you get more conversions.

After gaining access to this tool, it’s all about selecting the right target audience. You can even apply filters for a specific location, and there’s also keyword-based filtering, for example, B2B, growth hacking, founders, etc.

After selecting the right group, you need to share a post on LinkedIn and copy-paste its URL into the tool. Now they also give an option to customize it. You can set custom comments that you want on your posts. Mainly you can use it for recruitment, personal branding, and marketing or sales.

For as low as $5, you get 30 posts/ month as there is a 24-hour cool down after every post you make. Any which way, upgrading to a $50 plan will unleash its full potential and further unlock analytics.

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3. Alfred


When we talk business and net-worth, a famous quote always pops up that goes by “Your Network is your Net worth.” LinkedIn is all about growing your network and bringing business to expand your Net worth.

How you do this, you may ask, well, it’s simple; first, you grow your network, and then you convert them to customers by connecting with them or selling them what they need. The process again is the same. All you need to do is find relevant prospects and send them connection requests with or without a personalized message. Once they accept it, you send them messages and start generating leads.

Again there’s not much rocket science involved here but just think about sending connection requests to thousands of people and messaging them. See the problem here? It’s about time and the extra money you spend on some intern who may do it for you, or you can just get the Alfred plugin that will automate the process.

With Alfred, it is easy to send multiple connection requests within minutes. It even lets you personalize the invitations. Going a step further, you can even channelize bulk messages and automate the complete process. Another quick hack that gets you noticed is a simple notification about profile visits that LinkedIn sends when you visit anyone’s profile.

Well, this is also automated. Apart from this, it also comes with a CRM that helps you efficiently keep your network engaged via different campaigns. You get all these with basic pricing of $25 per month. There’s also a free trial for you to test the magic.

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4. LeadFuze


As the name suggests, its sole purpose is to get you leads. It helps you identify prospects that can you can convert into customers. This tool is more inclined towards B2B marketing. If your need is to gain contacts of the right person in your industry, then Leadfuze is your way to go LinkedIn automation tool.

The traditional method was to skim through lists and collect contacts one by one, even after collecting them work was only half done, the other part was to handpick the ones that were relevant for your proposal. Now, Leadfuze can be your hero, and it helps you extract the right contacts.

You can further apply filters specific to locations, niche, roles such as a general manager or founder, etc. and apart from this, it also helps you discover more insight such as who is currently hiring, or who is spending more on their Google ADs.

Suppose you run a digital marketing agency, then you can filter your clients based on your interest in work and get their leads in terms of contacts, emails, and their frequent habits on their AD spent or hiring.

One brownie point you get by using Leadfuze is that you unlock accurate real-time intel. Going a step further, you can even couple your lead search campaigns with keywords. Apart from all this, you can even integrate into any CRM for the process automation, like getting leads and automate the selling. They also give 25 free leads for testing and getting you familiar with the quality of leads that you can generate.

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5. Dux-Soup


Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn activity automation tool.  You can automate profile visits, make it follow significant prospects profile to monitor their activity, endorse someone’s skill, and even send personalized messages.

It’s way to difficult to manage your prospects and keep track of them, and that too when you need to scale your business faster. With Dux-Soup, it is relatively easy to manage prospects. You can even leave tags and notes when you review someone’s profile for a reference at a later stage. It can be done even for the profiles that you are not connected to.

As you can automate personalized messages, there’s an option to set up a drip campaign where it automates message sending till you get a reply from the target profile. This tool is mainly built to handle leads and prospects more efficiently.

The notes and tags you choose to keep on any profile are indexed and searchable so you can start a campaign for that set of audience. Its an ultimate leads management solution. You can even upload your leads into their CRM and start the conversations on the go.

While planning your campaigns, you can even specify a particular set of rules to follow during communication. Sending prospects messages during a specific time or triggering a message as per their profile activity.

You can get started with Dux-Soup for free to find prospects, whereas the professional plans start from $11 that comes with recruiter support and all the auto engage features such as profile visits, endorse, and even allows you to save PDFs of the profiles. However, workflow integration and auto follow up is limited to the professional plan.

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6. Linked Helper

Linked Helper

With a Linked helper, it is easy to establish a competent authority in terms of profile strength. When was the last time you did something to make your profile more industry ready? It can be done by asking your colleagues to endorse you, have them make an acquaintance for you with their connections.

But that’s not going to happen unless you ask them to do it for you. Also, let’s not forget the massive turn around time that is involved with such activities. Now how about automating this process?

You can setup linked helper to automatically endorse your connections, and in return, you may get more endorsements. Apart from this, it auto engages with your network by regularly having a conversation with them. It also has an autoresponder to keep personalized interactions in check and auto profile visitor that helps you get noticed.

You can use this LinkedIn automation tool for seamless mail list building and communication. It’ a google chrome plugin that comes for $11 a month (plan varies according to subscription span).

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Automating LinkedIn to get more business, generate more sales and revenue is a thing that every business must do in 2020. Though while doing so, you must beware of fair usage policy and must not exploit it by running multiple tools at a single time. This might lead to a ban on your profile. Do let us know on which tool helped you skyrocket your LinkedIn game and helped you reach new heights in the comments section below.

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