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Best WordPress Hosting services for your WordPress website

WordPress is quite popular among bloggers and website owners. It is one of the CMS available which offers plenty of free themes and plugins to the users. As we all know WordPress a completely free content management service. However, it needs a good hosting service to handle its requirements.

There are plenty of factors are need to be considered while choosing a web hosting service for your WordPress site.

  • Speed: A speedy loading site has a perk of getting good SERP in Google. So, speed is the most important factor while choosing a web host.
    Uptime: Many hosting services come with 99.95% uptime. However, you need to check yourself about the credibility of the web host statement. Search in forums and ask the fellow users to confirm its actual uptime.
  • Customer support: It is one of the primary features which needs to be available for all the users. If the site goes down and or any technical related issue, a good customer support comes handy. It must have a 24/7 live call or chat support.
  • Server requirements: The latest version of WordPress compatible on a server with 1GB+ disk space, Apache or Nginx server, MySqil 5.0.15 or greater database, 512MB RAM, and PHP version 7.3 or greater. These are the minimum system requirements to install and run a WordPress site. Make sure to check these requirements are available on the web host.
  • Pricing: There are plenty of cheaper web hosting services available. However, when you go for a cheaper one, you always get the mediocre performance and below-average uptime. Go for a good hosting service that has all the above qualities. A good web hosting service costs a little bit high amount but you will get satisfying performance.

If you are looking for a good hosting service to your fresh WordPress website or for a change in the hosting let’s take a look at our best recommendations.

1. Siteground


Siteground is a very popular hosting service with promising WordPress friendly features. It’s every feature is WordPress optimized and gives you easy installation option, performance tweaks, database management, etc.

Siteground is founded in the year 2004 and since from the beginning of their journey, it has become a trustworthy hosting service for thousands of websites. It has super-fast servers equipped with SSD disks and one-click custom software installations.

Pricing and customer support are the best features of the Siteground hosting service. The WordPress Hosting comes in 3 different plans suitable for 3 types of usability. The startup, growing, and gogeek are the three different plans available to start with. Each plan is different by a number of website installation, storage space, and Premium features.

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2. Bluehost


A very popular name among the best hosting servers for WordPress. With flexible and affordable plans and beginner-friendly features, Bluehost ranked second in the list.

The company is founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. Bluehost is offering different plans based on client requirements. These plans including Shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting and cloud hosting.

Plans start with an affordable pricing of $3.49 per month. Bluehost is best suitable for newbies who are stepping into the blogging business. Also, it has a very good customer support team, which can solve any technical issue at any time.

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3. Kinsta

Kinsta WordPress Hosting

We recently reviewed Kinsta on thetechhacker and found a good hosting service for WordPress users. Kinsta offers a dedicated WordPress hosting with top-notch service.

Kinsta is very performance-oriented and it should stand out of the crowd with something unique or with better functions. If not, there is no point in spending money on it.

Kinsta servers are running on the latest and most advanced architecture including the Nginx, LXD containers, PHP 7, and MariaDB. The perfect combination of the best performing and highly compatible architecture will ensure that any website hosted on the server will perform at its best without showing any compatibility issues or lags in the performance.

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4. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean is one of the most powerful web hosting available. It has plenty of features to run a WordPress website pretty smooth with 0 downtime. Thetechhacker is hosted on Digital Ocean since 2017 and we are pretty satisfied with the results. Digital Ocean has launched its first server in 2011 and serving all types of apps and websites.

It supports all types of server requirements including SSD support to make the sites faster. Digital Ocean has fantastic uptime with 99.99%. Another interesting featuring of Digital Ocean is its apps support.

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5. Hostgator


Hostgator is one of the oldest game players in the web hosting industry. It has very good and affordable plans for budget oriented people. It has all types of plans and offers unlimited disk space for its users.

A user can access SSH and has support for Ruby, Perl, Python and other popular languages available in all pricing plans. Also, Hostgator has one of the user-friendly control panel which is pretty understandable even for noobs.

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Deciding what type of WordPress Hosting is a tough job. However, we have given our best recommendations above. All the above 5 hosting recommendations are works well for WordPress enabled sites. Everything from the installation to managing the server, all the hosts are the best performing.

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