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Best Android apps for Bloggers

Blogging is a long journey. So many sleepless nights, brainstorming ideas, and ultimately well-structured articles are the pillars of blogging journey. The rise in blogging is a positive signal to the unemployed people who have skills in their respective fields. Now we are seeing many niche blogs including, tech, lifestyle, fashion, health, crypto, finance and many more.

In the past, we recommended good hosting services, Chrome extensions, writing apps and many more which simplifies the blogging journey to the next level. Today, I came up with an idea of suggesting the best Android apps for bloggers.

Hmm, you may doubt that how Android is linked to blogging? Well, there is a link. You will know how these apps help bloggers in a wide variety of ways. Let’s get started.

1. Evernote


Every blogger is a writer first. I started my journey in the year 2008 on the Blogger platform. Once my blog started getting traffic I used to write daily 5 articles to feed my blog. To quickly write my ideas and content I tried Evernote and till now I’m using it. It’s Multiplatform support, collaborative features are highlights of the program.

Evernote is available for Android as well. While I’m traveling I use Evernote app for Android to build my content on the go. the app interface looks similar to the original one but you will access your notes in a tiny smartphone screen. So, Evernote is my first suggested app to bloggers who write a lot for their blog.


2. WordPress


WordPress is a friendly CMS for bloggers. It has a whopping 26% of websites powered by WordPress. WordPress has a dedicated app for Android users which lets you write, edit and publish posts within the mobile device.

The WordPress Android app also lets you check the site stats on the go. Also, you can moderate the comments, assign user role and many more. The app is available in Google Play Store for completely free of cost.


3. Grammarly Keyboard App

Grammarly Keyboard

Blogging involves a lot of typing. For a decent grammar, error-free typing try Grammarly app for Android. Mistakes are the most common while writing. Whether you are a professional or a student, typing mistakes are most common. Grammarly allows you to type error free by using their real-time grammar checking program.

Grammarly for Android is a free application. When you signup the Grammarly program, it collects your most typing mistakes and intimate you with weekly digest email. This will help you resolve your most common typing mistakes.


4. Trello


Trello is a collaborative tool for business people like bloggers. If you have a team of people with different fields under one roof, Trello makes the management super easy. Trello follows Kanaban style methodology to arrange the to-do items as boards. The management of your employees is very easy if you start using Trello. Just make an account and add your employee’s emails to start using it.

Trello for Android is not a complete app to add new users and data. It just useful as a companion if you are away from the desk. However, we recommend Trello to our fellow bloggers to simplify their tasks.


5. Pixabay


Every good article needs a good image to attract readers. Pixabay has a huge library of free stock images which contains almost any type of image. I’m a big fan of VPN category and I regularly contribute security related articles on thetechhacker. For every article, I use Pixabay images to make my article look more professional.

After opening the Pixabay app, just use the search box to search your desired images. Pixabay offers Royalty free images to users. Anyone can use the images available on the website for completely free of cost.


6. Skype


Skype is a very popular messenger app which doesn’t need any introduction. Skype is used by students, professionals, business people and whoever want to communicate by audio or video calling features. I use Skype for communicating my International clients to complete business deals.

It is available in almost all countries, if Skype is unavailable in your location, you can unblock skype by reading our detailed guide. Skype for Android comes with all features which are available in the desktop version. It is very easy to use and calling rates also cheap when compared to other services. The VOIP version is completely free and if you want to take a personal number the charges will apply.


7. Email TypeApp

Email TypeApp

I’m suggesting one good email app for every blogger who wants to communicate with their fellow bloggers, advertisers, and other important connections. TypeApp is one such good app which has everything we find in an ideal email app.

The appearance of the TypeApp looks much similar to the Blue Mail. Functionality wise it has more features than its contenders. Composing new email, forwarding, replying features are easy to access. Adding a new account is very easy and it supports many email services.


8. Facebook Pages Manager

Facebook Pages Manager

Every blogger knows the importance of sharing their content on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If you want to manage your Facebook page while on the go, try Facebook Pages Manager for Android.

The app has similar functionality like Facebook with more advanced features to manage the Page easily. You can easily switch pages, schedule posts, post videos, view Insights, response to messages from page visitors, and commenting. Also, it lets you make easier to upload pics while on the go, which is quite useful for regular page updates with the image-oriented approach.


9. Twitter


Twitter is one of the finest social media platforms to share your blog posts. When you use a related hashtag to your blog post there are more chances to get the link viral across like-minded people network.

Also, Twitter has many advantages over other social media networks. It’s simple to use and 120 characters are easy to read than the lengthy status updates. If you have a really good number of real followers on Twitter, you will get pretty good sponsorship deals to promote their product on your Twitter page. So, don’t neglect Twitter and increase followers with engaging blog posts.


10. Feedly


Feedly is a powerful feed reader for every content creator. Feedly lets you add unto 100 feeds in free account. You can also add custom keywords alerts when upgrading to a premium account. Feedly comes with a bunch of features beneficial for organizing, reading, searching your favorite feeds and publications. In order to determine whether it is the best option that you could ever get in the News Aggregator category.

Feedly can seamlessly integrate with a lot of applications that you have been using. IFTT, Newsify, gReader, Readkit, Junkie, and almost any popular application can be integrated with Feedly. It is our recommendation to the bloggers who want to get the latest content ideas for blogging.


Summing up

These are the best apps I use regularly to improve my productivity and blog related works on the Android smartphone. There are several more apps which are quite useful for bloggers, In this article, I’ve shortlisted to best 10 Android apps for bloggers.

If you know any app which improves blogger productivity please mention in the comment box below.

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