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Best International Money Transfer Apps

Usage of Android and iOS devices have been growing in the recent days and with the increasing usage, we are searching each and every way to use the devices. The newest of all the features which are coming onto the Mobile Phones are about the Wallets, Money transfer Apps which are becoming famous due to their free cost operation, and more interest compared to a traditional bank in case of a mobile bank/mobile wallet system. There are plenty of International Money Transfer apps available to send and receive money without worrying about the borders.

These Money Transfer apps can be useful when you are out in a party with your friends, and some of your friends back out that they don’t have money and you are left to pay the whole sum. You can easily pay but after sometime when you don’t get them back it happens to be an issue, the best way to deal with friends is these Money Transfer apps where you can ask them to transfer to your wallet/bank account from their wallet or bank account instantly.

There are a couple of different International Money Transfer apps available over the internet today we are going to talk about the best one in terms of usability, features, and reliability in case of urgency.

Best International Money Transfer Apps

1. Venmo


As the name suggests it happens to be the best International Money Transferring app out on the market the application is easy to send and receive money to and from your friends and family. If you use to load the balance to your Venmo wallet you will have to use debit cards or bank accounts, if you are using your credit card to load the money then you will have to pay a surcharge of 3% which is high keeping the digitalization in mind. The application comes with a security system which is the same as that of a bank and hence you need not worry about your money from hackers. The application is available on both Android and iOS and hence none of your friends are left with any choice.

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2. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger for money transfers

Recently even Facebook started to cop up with the latest trends and embedded the functionality inside its messenger application. With this, you will be able to send the amount to any person across the United States. There is an added dollar sign just above your keyboard which you will have to tap on while you are chatting with anyone. You cannot keep the money stored as of now, but soon you can do that too, currently, you will have to use Credit Card or debit card, once done type in the amount you need to send and click on pay which can be found on the top right corner. As Facebook messenger is available both on the Android and on iOS hence you can use this money transfer app on most of the smartphones.

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3. Google Pay

Google Pay

With the trust of Google, this application is just like your wallet inside your mobile phone. Google Pay Send makes it easy for you to send and request money from your friends and your family members. This app also allows you to authenticate the transactions with the help of fingerprint sensor if one is equipped on your mobile phone. The interface of the application is quite easy to use and minimal, also do note that there is no kind of wallet available on the Google Pay app hence the money will be transferred from bank to bank without any transaction fees. This application is also available both on Android and on iOS.

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4. PayPal


PayPal holds the trust of over a million people and is the most used application to transfer money between friends, family, and even businesses. It has been the oldest money transfer application in the past. If you are a frequent user of PayPal then you must have noticed that it takes a bit longer than other apps to reflect the payment in the account which is not a good thing for the application, but PayPal allows you to keep the money in the wallet and use to pay for purchases at different establishments, again the application is available both on iOS and Android.

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5. Cash app

Cash App

Another application which makes it simple for you to transfer the cash. Here you will have to link your debit card with the application and then use Cash app to send and receive money from friends and family. There is even an option carried forward from PayPal which is to request the money from anyone wherein you will be sure that the money someone is sending is sending to you only and not to anyone else due to any typing mistake. The money doesn’t take a long time to be deposited into your account and hence makes the app blazing fast. This app is also available on both Android and iOS platform.

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6. Western Union

Western Union Money Transfer

Western Union is the widest working application in the world, this application can easily help you transfer money between friends and family living in different countries. The company support over 200 countries and territories. The application is used a bit less between the same country as it charges an amount which is higher, but the app will let you know about the charges which will be incurred. The app also enables you to transfer the amount directly to the bank account and can even help you to transfer the amount to a particular branch from where anyone can receive the money who have the required details.

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7. Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash

Apple Pay Cash is supported in limited countries only. This feature works directly from your iMessage. It is an exclusive feature for iOS customers to send and receive money instantly. To use this feature, start a conversation with the person you want to send or receive the money. To receive, just tap on request option and to pay tap on the pay option. For the security purpose, the iMessage uses the TouchID, FaceID or Passcode to confirm a transaction.

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These are some of the applications with which you can transfer the money between your friends, family members, and collogues. If you have any other application with which you can do the same do let us know in the comment section below so we can update our article based on the user ratings. This will even enable the end users to select better applications. Do note that all the application are liable to charge you for transferring the money which will be based on the amount you are transferring.

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